To the Las Cruces Sun News Editor

To the Las Cruses Sun News Editor,
These are the precocious kids. I probably would have marched out with them to get out of class. I hate to play the blame game but this is an adults situation. And adult organized and funded. What do these kids know about history? Important history too.
The people calling for gun control ignore the facts about the lack of discipline in the public school and the Obama administration program that let repeat offenders walk free, creating an atmosphere that lets bullies rule the halls and classrooms. The anti-gunners ignore the fact that most students die of suicide because the bullying is unbearable. Adults have created the tyranny of confusion.
There are some simple solutions. The first thing would be to give the students in 2nd Amendment history lessons and teach them the sacrifice of those who wrote it. They would get comparative cultural studies. Next they would get a shocking lesson in world history of arms control.
The next thing that I would do is insist that public schools return discipline to their halls. Bad behavior would be punished and those who would not show respect banished. I would have zero tolerance of rude words and cursing. Good behavior would be rewarded.
Last, I would remind parents they would be held accountable for their students performance at school. I would remind them why to live the good life and respect all people from the least to the greatest.
It would be a return to peace.
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