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Protecting life is the way to peace; It’s a no brainer!


Question: How did you become a pro life activist? 

I’ve been married for 34 years and have 3 grown kids with my husband Robert. But back in the day when I was young, I got pregnant before I married and had a baby girl. Now she has a daughter and is doing well. But I married her father and five years later –  divorced. That divorce really messed with my life and it caused my daughter even more troubling times. I understand what it is like to be alone and pregnant. I understand how vulnerable children are in todays broken families. After the divorce there were these custody battles. I don’t want any family to go through that. After many years and much heartbreak, I burned those legal papers and asked forgiveness from my ex family and my beautiful daughter.  Now I am convinced that a child needs a mother and a father. I am convinced that purity and innocence is the best answer for young would be lovers and they need adults help in attaining that. I TAUGHT my last 3 with the idea that they must ALWAYS have a CHAPERONE. Yes it was challenging at times but it has been worth it. 

Proper CHAPERONES are key to a successful dating life. It demands respect and self control.

Question: Why are you pro-life?

In the beginning God created a garden, He made a man gave him work to do taking care of the garden. This man also named all things in creation with God’s help. He was a spiritual being and it was natural and easy for him to be able to talk to God. But after awhile that guy realized he was the one and only being like himself. That’s when God created a woman; male and female. They were told to be fruitful and multiply as He did in all creation. We still see it in motion all around us and creation continues.  

God is the MASTER GARDENER. It is written in MARK 4: 26, “The Kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, sleeps at night and rises by day. The seed sprouts and grows but he himself doesn’t know how for the earth yields crops by itself. When the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle(reaping hook) because the harvest has come.”


Back in the OT,  God CLAIMS the fruit of the womb is HIs and declares whoever sheds innocent blood is GUILTY and is under a curse. 

NATURAL LAW backs this up and many of us consider it to be self-evident truth.

  To me, this explains ABQ’s DILEMMA, the city of “breakingbad”. NM is altogether BAD for CHILDREN and domestic abuse is the top crime, maybe.


 ABORTION was the BEGINNING of DIVIDING our nation in two, that we are experiencing today.

 First the SEXUAL  revolution, then abortion followed on its heels. Someone has to be responsible for all those babies. 

I’m convinced that a baby is best served by a father and mother just as God designed it. 

In a traditional FAMILY, children are first TAUGHT to RESPECT their parents, next they are taught to respect each other. Good parents will ENFORCE the rules so that all members can live together in PEACE and SAFETY. They will be taught to share and sometimes one must give up OFFENSE and forgive. Life is not always FAIR but you let go and move on. This is best taught and  modeled by parents. 

But now, just like a garden with WEEDS and PEST and DROUGHT, we have  allowed many CORRUPTING INFLUENCES in our RELATIONSHIPS and children are the FIRST to suffer, like tender young plants, they wither and die or grow up without enough water and are hard and too tough to enjoy. Some of our citizens like the host of “The Great Conversation” and some other local proponents have written, are teaching us how ADVERSE CHILDHOOD TRAUMA(ACEs) affect a child throughout adulthood. That is one thing that I will look into if I am elected. 


We allow our young girls to be USED FOR SEX  and teach the boys this is THE Cool THING to DO. They don’t know it won’t  bring them any happiness or joy. If I could, I would tell all the girls that sex IS NOT FREE. 

It will cost them everything. They will bear the burden with  baby in her womb. She is the one to make a serious decision alone. She is the one who will be ASHAMED to tell her parents. She is the one who chooses life or death YET she is young and NAIVE. She is the one with all the PRESSURE, possibly from her boyfriend(who most likely will leave soon anyway) and her family. 

If she CHOOSES LIFE,(I commend her), she is the one who will raise that child to ADULTHOOD barely knowing her own self. And WITHOUT a BREADWINNER to work while she takes care of the baby. And WITHOUT a FATHER to teach a child how FATHERS DO to be INDEPENDENT and strong. 

But if she CHOOSES abortion, she ALONE will bear the painful and bloody process that can last for days. She ALONE will bear her own wounded soul from the knowledge of what happened.  She ALONE suffers the rejection that wanted to nurture love and be loved. If you can’t trust your mother, who can you trust? Think about it.

ALL she got in the end was abuse and HEARTACHE. 


That boy becomes LESS of a man because of the selfish nature of his act , it will start a pattern of behavior that is hard to stop. 

The girl becomes more hard hearted. Our garden is a TANGLED MESS and it’s not good for any of us that share breathing space. 

No one respects anyone anymore. We are getting a FATHERLESS and FAITHLESS generation. 


Question: Where does it lead? What are the consequences?


That disrespect for life ADDS up to one thing –  THE BOTTOM DOLLAR. Every decision regarding YOUR health and wellbeing ends up on a COST ANALYSIS spreadsheet, young and old. It could be your insurance, your doctor or your hospital. A nurse or nursing home, or hospice.  It’s getting to be a cold hard world to live in. 


Not only that, it is the way ONE GROUP of people RULE over another. A type of ETHNIC cleansing based on CLASS WARFARE. . .a false dichotomy. Some people believe that the world is too CROWDED and  are too willing to make your life EXPENDABLE while they consider themselves superior for a multitude of reasons and worthy of living.   

This SUBJUGATION requires a multitude of lies. Truth and respect ARE DESTROYED. 


This is all very depressing but it is the reality of life in a society that aborts their babies and selfishly pursues vice.  

We can change it for the better. The solution is the “right to life” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. 


30 seconds;

We will return the law to its rightful place. For the Founders knew that if Life isn’t treated as SACRED that the whole LAW would become MEANINGLESS. For what is law but the idea of EQUAL justice and peace? WE MUST  practise it, UPHOLD it , for the LEAST of US, or else it doesn’t mean anything for the rest of us. We become a police state, subjugated by those who believe they are superior. The list is endless of division is endless. . What discrimination have you suffered?  My friends, CHOOSE LIFE and BLESSINGS .

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