I will vote to legalize marijuana in New Mexico

Marijuana is in common use among Americans and is accepted across all demographics in our country. Because I believe that government is ‘by the people’ and this is what the majority want, it should be legalized. Business Insider Magazine states 64% of Americans support legalization. Nine states and Washington DC have legalized marijuana.

I’m convinced people should be allowed to buy it through legal industry and cultivate their own if they choose. There would be no need for them to engage in black market activity according to Mike Adams in Forbes Magazine. He also posits as long as there is a demand for pot where prohibition remains the law of the land, there will be a vibrant black market.

According to CNN, April 2018 , Colorado experienced a 5 percent increase in crime with legalization of marijuana. Colorado Gov. Hickenlooper cited it is a social experiment and won’t
pursue criminalization again because his constituents don’t want it. I believe too that crime will level out once the state authorities become proficient in enforcing the law. Many websites and articles hail that marijuana decreases violent crime. Research suggests that Colorado youth have psychotic episodes associated with increased potency of legal cannabis. It is illegal for anyone under 21 to use it and will remain illegal. My main concern and big hope is to pull the rug out from under the black market. Our youth in Las Cruces are dying because of illicit drug dealing.

Don’t you think it’s time to stop the federal war on Americans?

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