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Bev Courtney Announces Entering the Race for Mayor of Las Cruces, 2019

August 27, 2019
Bev Courtney

For Immediate Release(Las Cruces, NM): Bev Courtney has officially announced her campaign for Mayor..
For a Brighter, Safer and Successful Las Cruces

Courtney, a longtime resident of Las Cruces, moved to New Mexico in 1992 with her family. Bev has actively worked in a variety of civic organizations and her local church. “I have lived and raised my family in Las Cruces for the past twenty-eight years. Two of my kids have degrees from NMSU and one is a student at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine. All have left town. Bev is an instructor for Concealed Carry Classes for the State of New Mexico. She is the Founder and President of American Gun Culture Club, past president of Las Cruces Tea Party and a new business owner of a retail shop, “Bev’s Outdoor Sundries & Shooter’s Supply” in Las Cruces.

Bev shares what motivated her to campaign for Mayor. “My inspiration comes from the people who get up and go to work every single day and try to raise their children to be successful and peaceful. They pay taxes and expect representation that looks out for their best interest. Unfortunately, what I see is our elected officials following their own agenda and betraying the public trust. We see a lot of our money used and abused pursuing issues that are not working for the people who live in Las Cruces. Let’s return integrity to our government and serve our own first.”

“I believe our biggest concern is the lack of election integrity our community has suffered for decades. There was blatant disregard for the law and strong evidence of voter fraud in the 2018 election. This silenced our voices. One Citizen, One Verified Vote is the solution. It is not controversial except with those who would cheat the citizens out of our vote.” This has to stop and should be a bipartisan effort.

“City infrastructure should be a high priority. Good streets make nice neighborhoods. Police, fire, and medical should be top of the list. We should attract top quality applicants to serve and protect. They are to be respected and celebrated. When you’re in a crisis, these public servants save lives and keep our communities safe. We have every right for our streets to be safe and drug free. Our monies pay for it and our elected officials should deliver.”

“Education has been a serious issue every election cycle. Las Cruces has great teachers. Many go above and beyond duty, working hard, often putting in 12 hour days. Teachers need less government mandates and more freedom to focus on children’s ability to learn. New Mexico students rank last in skills-acquisition according to test score – last! Damaging social engineering needs to go. Our education system should go back to basics.

I will advocate for parents to be able to choose where their money goes. We want our children to read, write and be taught to respect one another. We do not want them indoctrinated, just educated. They deserve a safe learning environment. One thing we can easily do is restore discipline and that will be a gamechanger. Children will be happier and safer.”

“As an American, I will stand my ground on the Second Amendment. It is not a city issue so we have no reason to debate it but if it comes up, I will insist we look at the greater problems of criminal recidivism, drug abuse, mental illness, and a lack of discipline in the homes and schools. Promoting healthy families is in everyone’s best interest. We can shift our future!”

“Small businesses are vibrant and creative with hardworking, engaged people trying to make a success. Business owners carry a lot of responsibility and provide invaluable resources for all of us. Jobs and businesses in our town have been in decline because of policies that discourage growth and we have seen many restaurants close. Eateries are the places that give highschoolers their first job and create workforce training for low skilled workers. High taxes and regulations stifle free enterprise and create hidden cost. One example, ‘the city charges user fees for ballparks’. Seriously, families don’t flourish under extra burdens. Despite that , Las Crucens are generous and caring even getting a humanitarian award.

“We have a great community. The small town feel and family-friendly atmosphere is a keeper. We love our agricultural heritage and wild west stories. We are beautifully multinational because of our location at the crossroads of the south. We can preserve the land as well as private ventures with the resources we are blessed with. The children in our community should inherit all that we have plus more. The future is in our hands. With your help we can make it happen.”

“It would be my honor to serve the people of Las Cruces. My door will always be open at City Hall.”

Bev for Mayor
Right time, right choice!

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