Standing our Ground

Right Time, Right Choice

Economy & Jobs

I am inspired by hard-working New Mexicans. Having left Albuquerque on occasion at 5 a.m. and surprised by the amount of traffic, I realized these are working people who make New Mexico great. Seeing my own family leaving the house every single day and working year after year, or watching them work long hours, arriving home exhausted makes me proud to call them mine. It makes me want to help them keep their hard earned money. They deserve a government that works hard for them too.

New Mexico can have a thriving economy if we work together to fix our over regulation and support those who are striving to improve our state such as right- to-work.

Everyone is affected by our high unemployment in negative ways. State leaders should look for ways to make New Mexico be business-friendly by reducing red tape and taxes. The best way to eliminate poverty in New Mexico is by providing good job opportunities and creating a strong economy.

  • Reduce Unemployment
  • Reduce Red Tape and Taxes
  • Make New Mexico Business Friendly


More and more people are dissatisfied with public education because we spend more money and get less success. Perhaps its time to quit popular or experimental philosophies and return to the basic abc’s and teach a child to read?

I am convinced most children can learn to read. We all have to be engaged in teaching children to read and then every other obstacle to their learning is easier to overcome.

“The lack of insistence upon fundamentals and the absence of objective moral standards have rendered much of our current education meaningless and purposeless.”

an excerpt from one of my homeschool workbooks published by MacArthur Institute; East Moline, Illinois.

Objective moral standards can, at least, include discipline to eliminate bullies. It can, at least, include an expectation that every child can succeed with their individual strengths, talents and weaknesses.

More money needs to go to the classroom and teachers— not to administration offices—because increasing classroom spending has proven results.

  • Every child a chance
  • Every parent a choice
  • The American way

Protecting the 2nd Amendment

I am an ardent supporter of the 2nd Amendment. I consider it the pillar of the Bill of Rights. It is the reason that our form of government is the best for the modern world and indeed into the future. The world is more volatile and now would be the worst time ever to be without it. It will be the article that keeps America’s citizens Sovereign. The 14th Amendment reiterates the first 8 Amendments because certain states in the south still denied civil rights to many of their citizens, esp. the right to own weapons and they suffered beatings, hangings and daily oppression of liberty. It perfected the balance of power between states and its citizens.

But if we followed the 2nd Amendment to the letter, it would change us back to more autonomous states concerning standing armies, and state militias. I would favor state militias and that also would increase a more perfect balance between the states and our federal congress; we have seen them not follow an allegiance to our country. It would change foreign policy to be more in line with the right to self defense and stopping alarming oppression of people. We may not do it all at once but I will base every decision I make toward that end.

On state militias, I would ask for a draft of all capable high school students enter the state militia regiment to foster trust and responsibility of citizenship and fulfill duty to country. Certainly every high school would benefit from a rifle team.

The 14th Amendment does declare,

” . ..nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

This seems clear to me that abortion is illegal and so is immigration. Proper vetting and documentation is essential for those who have fled their countries because of poverty and injustice. We must not deny equal protection under the law. They came for liberty, not to suffer abuse and exploitation.

  • No Compromise
  • Keep Balance of Power
  • Implement State Militia vs National Guard
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