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“My inspiration comes from the people who get up and go to work every single day and try toraise their children to be successful and peaceful. They pay taxes and expect representationthat looks out for their best interest. Unfortunately, what I see is our elected officials followingtheir own agenda and betraying the public trust. We see a lot of our money used and abusedpursuing issues that are not working for the people who live in Las Cruces. Let’s return integrityto our government and serve our own first.”

“I believe our biggest concern is the lack of election integrity our community has suffered fordecades. There was blatant disregard for the law and strong evidence of voter fraud in the 2018election. This silenced our voices. One Citizen, One Verified Vote is the solution. It is notcontroversial except with those who would cheat the citizens out of our vote.” This has to stopand should be a bipartisan effort.

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